World Mission Statement

Holy See Global District

Listen to Reason! The objectives that must be accomplished in order for us to complete this mission by nature is:

1. Proper wellbeing and survival of all World Congregation members through and beyond “Armageddon”.

2. Proper wellbeing and survival of all ethnic stock & races through and beyond “Armageddon”.

3. The completion of 36-38 safe havens; 9 in North America 9 in South America 18 in Afrekeya (Africa) 1 in Asia 1 in every island abroad

4. The military organization of all mentally resurrected male World Congregation members

5. Provide clean, safe, and comfortable, nutritional food, clothing, and shelter for all World Congregation members

6. The global establishment of the Noocratian Social & Secured Party for all World Congregation members

7. Construct proper learning institutions from grade school to universities for all World Congregation members

8. Restore the wealth, natural resources, and true culture for all World Congregation members, wherever we are densely populated namely north & South America, Afrekeya (Africa), and all islands throughout the world.

9. Protect all societies, empires, and kingdoms especially those allies, affiliates, and all aligned with Nooocratic Society from rape, murder, and all other violent transgressions of natural law.

10. Establish intergalactic, interplanetary, and intercontinental trade & commerce for Noocratic Society and World Congregation members and commoners with all allies, affiliates, aligns.

11. Re-establish all royal, noble, and proper all droit-droit titles and there reputable honor throughout the boundless omniverse.

12. Eradicate all exploitation by all ethnic races & stock of our sacred land, particularly Motherland Afrekeya (Africa) & Fatherland America.

13. Remove all unjust, corrupted, and oppressive regimes throughout the boundless omniverse especially any who occupy our sacred lands.

14. Create well establish industries, activating the virtues of labour for all members and commoners of Noocratic Society and all World Congregation members
15. Create strong communication, health, transportation, weaponry, and technological industry for all throughout the boundless omniverse.

16. Establish leadership and proper guides, and role models for all World Congregation members in the fields of science, math, and philosophy.

17. Reestablish true culture society throughout the boundless omniverse

18. Enhance the Intergalactic, Interplanetary, and Intercontinental unity of all members of Noocratic Society and World Congregation members of the Omniversal Church
19. Prepare for the coming forth of all Emperors, Empresses, and Royal Commissions of Noocratic Society empires, kingdoms, and nations, World Congregation members and their posterity. - After this claimant said not!