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World Currency 101

Negus Shemsizedek
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This Course for those who are looking to learn more about their new smart finances, legal destination, and also create a legacy for the next generation in the commercial world. This course is not for anyone who's afraid or intimidated by the monetary, political, and clergical system of today's world.

Learn what it takes to really be financially up to date. Be more financially and digitally savvy by being becoming aware of and a distributed ledger technology enthusiast and a financial tech guru.


  • Learn how to help those who are interested in starting businesses, learning the advanced hidden secrets of the financial tech and the global trade industry and become a philosophical or economical Master(s) of Digital Fiat Currency and its placement in the future economy.


  • Become familiar with and learn to communicate with anyone and help reach their goals in their commercial transactions, and creating lucrative smart contracts.


  • Learn the basics of a counterparty, accounting, and how to utilize G.A.A.P (General Accepted Accounting Principals) for the distributed ledger technology.


  • Help build knowledge in e-commerce, Learn the peer-to-peer procedure, and how to apply the peer-to-peer process, and becoming mentors and gurus for your realm of peerage. 


Materials you will need for the course

  1. Laptop, Tablet or I-pad
  2. Red, Blue, and Black Pens, & Notepad 
  3. The Course E-books (will be provided by instructor)

Walk and pave the same path that beings like Magic Johnson, Russel Simmons have traveled to financial freedom by taking our course. The World Currency Financial Education Programs course for all world citizens and our enrolled Novas of the GISS, who are on their journey to learn how to become financially mature and established. The World Currency Financial Education Programs course will help you and your involvement in business, commerce, legal matters, and commercial affairs working along sided with Authorized Representatives for the new Global Intercryptobanking Network. Are you ready to conquer your financial issues? Interested in taking your financial, economics, and legal matters into your own hand then this course is for you, for those already in business this is a course that will take your family, company, or organization to the next level.

Learn how to use the new cryptographic technology system

The course is designed to help those on any level. We'll work side by side to help those with businesses and organizations to become better networkers and socialites. You will be provided with the right tools and materials throughout the course to aid in your journey, get personal guidance from the instructor(s), and receive a valid certificate to show off to your future employees, family, and friends.

Here is the class outline:

1. Introduction to World Currency

Sep 24

Understand the basics of World Currency.

Introduction to World Currency Lecture
Basics to World Currency Lecture
Digital Currency Dictionary Class Text E-book
William Harvey Coins Financial School Class Text E-book

2. What is Digital Commerce?

Apr 11

Become a master of Digital Commerce

What is digital commerce introduction
How digital commerce works lecture
True scope and meaning of the commerce clause Class Text E-book
Bank Control Lecture

3. Economic Circular Procedure

Apr 11

Learn the World Currency Circular process

The Economic Circular Procedure Lecture
Contract Lecture
Public Banking and cryptographic negotiable instrument Class Text E-book
World Open Market Trading

4. Becoming the expert advisor

Apr 11

Become a master of world currency administrative process and soar through the new sharing economy.

The World Market for Experts
Complete Liberty Class Text E-book
The Risk of Digital Currencies
Central Counterparty Clearing House Expert Advisors