Listen to Reason! One never stops learning, and that is
why school never ends in a Noocratic (Noone) Society because of the
the entire society is one big learning center.

Each Holy See Global District smart city will
have its own global interdependent learning center called Nu University
(Noone University) old and young will attend this
universal district. The Universal District will have many different halls
of learning such as Hall of Mathematics, Hall of
Biology et cetera.

Each Hall will have its own building or
section. Of course, adults and children will be separated
in the different particular learning halls, but the point is
Knowledge is for everyone no matter how old. In a Noocratic
Society education is 100% free.

Noone University will
provide the best education that an institution can provide,
and will even rival that of our Ancient Ancestors
Ethiopian-Egyptian Mystery School System.

Although it will take a while for us to achieve that level of
knowledge Noone University will house our very own
science laboratories where we will conduct our own
studies with all state of the art technology that is
beneficial and necessary in the positive of Almighty
Nature, from Astronomy to Biology.

All teachers and educators will be well taken care of financially, mentally,
spiritually, physically, and overall health wise as everyone


Let it be remembered always and let it be known!